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Extruded Rubber products Manufacturer and Supplier

Extruded Rubber products Manufacturer and Supplier

Extruded Rubber products are the different products of rubber or elastomers which are moulded by the process of extrusion. Extrusion is a process which is used to create cross section profile and products with varied size and structure. The process is carried out by first heating the stock or raw material and then pressing it inside the desired shape container. Post this depending on the properties of the raw material the given product is either heated or cooled to make it retain its new shape permanently.
The extrusion of the rubber elastomers are carried out to mould them into various forms which have industrial significance. These materials are:
• O-rings
• Wires
• Cables
• Strips
• Cords
• Sponge
• Squares
• Rectangle
• Gaskets
• Washers

Another form of rubber extrusion is custom extrusions which are done on special time to time basis depending on the requirements placed by the valued clients. These are custom designed moulded shapes which are needed to suit a certain specific requirement.

Rubber O Rings

The rubber orings can be used for a variety of applications ranging from the industries to the regular day to day needs. The rubber orings are used for sealing purpose, mostly on substances listed below:
• Air
• Water
• Lubricating oils
• Hydraulic oils
• Non-flammable hydraulic fluids
• Fuels
• Cooling fluids
• Extinguishing fluids
• Food
• Beverages
• Medical fluids
• Physiological fluids
• Pure or mixed gases
• Pneumatic seals
• Drive belts

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